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    i think we might because i think in that moment when they see one another with tears in their eyes they’re just gonna need to hold each other

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    because julie plec doesn’t let us have nice things but i’m still holding out hope for a real hug

    if we get a real stelena hug tomorrow i will cry forever

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    look at them katie why cant we have this??

  4. You know what would have been nice? If there was a scene in 5x18 where both Stefan and Elena first see each other after the dreams have started. And they look at each other, they don’t have to say anything, but they know what each other is feeling because they both feel the same, they’re going through the same ordeal. And still without saying a word, Stefan just walks up to Elena and holds her in his arms and comforts her. It doesn’t have to be a romantic hug, but a hug to let her know that he’s there, that he understands what she’s going through and that it’s okay. And holding her like that would comfort him too. Just this little break from reality where they’re both stood in each other’s arms and nothing else, not their history or their current circumstances, would matter in that moment because in that moment, in each other’s arms, everything finally feels normal.

  5. And English and French.

  6. sarahmannlnq:

    Reading all these reactions from TO last night and I just??

    Ironically enough, I AM more of a Klaus fan on TO even though I adore Elijah too but

    I’m really fucking tired of reading the same posts over and over again, seemingly blaming Elijah for Klaus’ aint-shit-ness and inability to step up to the plate FROM THE GET-GO to protect what he calls HIS city and HIS DAUGHTER. Like, bruh. CMON. No. Lemme stop you right there.

    No one can stand in the man’s way otherwise when he decides he wants something so, why is Elijah now at fault because he’s the one Hayley trusts/relies on? He’s been doing the right and necessary thing since day one and even trying to urge Klaus to do these things; to protect the woman who’s carrying his child and his city.

    Elijah isn’t putting himself on a pedestal or being “self-righteous,” he’s fucking getting shit done. I don’t blame him for finally throwing in the towel when it comes to taking his brother’s fee-fees into consideration because he has been, for a LONG TIME and it’s his right to say fuck it at this point because he damn sure does not ever get the same in return from Klaus. It took up until yesterday for Klaus to acknowledge Hayley as a queen but you know who wasn’t surprised or shocked by her? ELIJAH. Why? Because he actually tries to be there for her. And while I admire Klaus’ effort with the werewolf thing, you can’t even begin to compare that to the dozens of times Elijah has made it his business to make sure this girl was still alive while Klaus has been dickin around for the better half of the season.

    If Klaus wants to be a Dad (which I’m sure he does at this point and I’m happy about that) he needs to stop making petty excuses about Elijah being in his way. Because he isn’t.

    He is literally the master of his own fate. And no, Elijah is not his goddamn lapdog. Get over it already.

  7. Anonymous asked: Oh, God... I already dread the caos the fandom is gonna be like if the writers decide to have we all think SE were forced in any way for a while. I have no faith in them and I've been burned before, but to think they'll just erase SE now to make way for a DE endgame or whatever? Its not necessary to invalidate all of SE to elevate DE. If they want DE to work, they'll make it work, not destroy SE. Drama is on the way. We'll all be dragged through mud till the end anyway.
    stefan-is-elenas-lobster replied:

    Exactly!!! If a DE endgame was the objective here, they’d be writing them differently. To emphasize what you said here, the thing about SE is that they worked IN SPITE of Damon’s (and Klaus’ and Rebekah’s and *insert supernatural of the month here*) interference and interjection in their relationship. Damon did not come along and end their relationship, VAMPIRISM did (as Elena pointed out in 5x4). DO NOT FORGET THAT MY FRIENDS. Conversely, DE cannot even work in a vacuum—without any interference whatsoever. They. just. don’t. work. The 50 Anons in my askbox telling me and/or fearing that the writers are setting up a DE endgame can just chew on that for a bit.

  8. sleepyhorror:

    Paul Wesley from The Viampire Diaries being interviewed at work.

Celebrating Paul Wesley’s Directorial Debut tomorrow!! Join the fun on Twitter :) 

    Celebrating Paul Wesley’s Directorial Debut tomorrow!! Join the fun on Twitter :) 

  10. Stefan Salvatore in Miss Mystic Falls

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